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Crestone Peak Patch

Crestone Peak, in the Sangre de Cristos, is steep and technical from every aspect. It was one of the last peaks in Colorado to be climbed because of its big walls and remote location. Elevation 14,294 feet.


Crestone Needle Patch

Above the South Colony Lakes are the big walls of the Crestone Needle and the wild gendarmes of the ridge to Crestone Peak. Crestone is Spanish for 'cockscomb.' Elevation 14,197 feet.


Castle Peak Patch

Above Montezuma Basin, near Conundrum Peak, lies Castle Peak with its purple hues. Named for the mountain's castle-shaped ridgelines, it is the highest peak in the Elk Range. Castle Peak - Elevation 14,265 feet.


Capitol Peak Patch

Surveyor Hayden named this remote Elk Range peak for its stately appearance. Capitol is known for its difficult climbing, loose rock and the notorious knife-edge ridge west of K-2. Capitol Peak - Elevation 14,130 feet.


Blanca Peak Patch

This southern Colorado peak is named for the Spanish word for ""white"" because of the snowfields near its top. Blanca is a big massif rising 7,000' above the San Luis Valley floor. Elevation 14,345 feet.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Mount Princeton

A Trailhead unique design inspired by the Rocky Mountains & Buena Vista, Colorado.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Retro Logo Tee

This logo was inspired by the Trailhead logo a few years back. Definitely offers the vintage flair.

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