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Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Retro Logo Tee

This logo was inspired by the Trailhead logo a few years back. Definitely offers the vintage flair.


La Plata Peak Patch

The Sawatch Range peak La Plata means, "silver" in Spanish. It is noted for its long northeast ridge, first climbed in 1921 by Colorado College graduate Albert Ellingwood. Elevation 14,336 feet.


Humboldt Peak Pin

Named for German mountaineer Alexander von Humboldt by locals in the Wet Mountain Valley this peak is an easy climb compared with its neighbors in the Sangre de Cristo range. Elevation 14,064 feet.


Wilson Peak Patch

This peak high in the San Juan's above the old mining structures in the Silver Pick Basin was named for AD Wilson, a chief cartographer with the Hayden survey. Elevation 14,017 feet.


Mount Harvard Patch

A Collegiate Range peak, Harvard is the 3rd highest in Colorado. It lies high in the Horn Fork Basin above Bear Lake and was named by surveyor and Professor Josiah Whitney. Elevation 14,420 feet.


Mount Elbert Patch

West of Leadville, Mount Elbert is the highest point in Colorado. It was named for territorial Governor Samuel Elbert; a politician credited with preventing San Juan Indian troubles. Elevation 14,433 feet.


Huron Peak Patch

To the south of Huron lies the central couloir on Ice Mountain of the Three Apostles. Admitted late as a 14er, Huron Peak is the same height as Mt. of the Holy Cross. Elevation 14,005 feet.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Mount Princeton

A Trailhead unique design inspired by the Rocky Mountains & Buena Vista, Colorado.


Windom Peak Pin

This peak above Chicago Basin in the San Juan Mountains was named not for the winds that can rake it, but for William Windom, a U.S. Senator and politician from Minnesota. Elevation 14,082 feet.


Wetterhorn Peak Pin

This was named by the Wheeler survey after the famous peak in Switzerland, and it remotely resembles that icon. Wetterhorn Peak looms above the Matterhorn basin below. Elevation 14,015 feet.


Sunlight Peak Pin

It is an airy move to get to the summit of this Needle Range peak that is flanked by Eolus and Windom. It was named for the rays of sunshine that pass through the spires on its ridges. Elevation 14,059 feet.


Pyramid Peak Pin

Loose rock, steep climbing and big exposure give this aptly named symmetrical peak an earned reputation as one of the most difficult to summit of all the fourteeners in Colorado. Elevation 14,018 feet.

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