The Trailhead Ecommerce Reward


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Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Classic Logo Tee

An instant classic. Who wouldn't want at least five of these amazing t-shirts with the Trailhead logo? (here's an easter egg for you- the Clay color glows in the dark)


Trailhead Tri-Blend Mount Princeton

A Trailhead unique design inspired by the Rocky Mountains & Buena Vista, Colorado.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Colorado Flag Bear Tee

Why not combine a really cool bear with the Colorado flag? The bear modeling for this tshirt actually has a Colorado flag tattoo. It seemed like a natural fit for us to put the two together too.


Trailhead Ice Axe Flex Fit Flat Bill Cap

The Trailhead Ice Axe, Flex Fit, Flat Bill Cap. An instant classic. Even if you have to bend the bill.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Retro Patch Tee

Here's another cool new design. A minimal style depicting some pretty swell aspects of this valley- sun, mountains, and the river.


The Trailhead District Retro Foam Dome Snapback Trucker

The Trailhead Retro logo on a Foam trucker


Pikes Peak Patch

The big east face and central couloir of Pikes Peak rise behind the sandstone formations of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs and the old Incline of Manitou Springs. Elevation 14,110 feet.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Retro Logo Tee

This logo was inspired by the Trailhead logo a few years back. Definitely offers the vintage flair.


Trailhead Tri-Blend Crew Gas Station Wolf Tee

What could be better than a Trailhead tshirt with a wolf on it? Well, how about a tshirt with a wolf on it that has glow in the dark eyes, lightning and moon? Yes. That's right. this is not only a respectful nod to the gas station tshirt, but has some s


Tabeguache Peak Pin

This peak is named for a Ute Indian tribe that used to roam its base. Shavano is separated from Tabeguache Peak by a 1 1/4-mile long ridge, and they are often climbed together. Elevation 14,155 feet.


The Trailhead District CO Line Art Foam Dome Snapback Trucker

One of the best line art drawings from famed Colorado artist Mack Maschmeier

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