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Longs Peak Pin

The Diamond on Longs east face produced some of Colorado's 1st big wall ascents. Broadway and the Notch Couloir are prominent features on its 2,000-foot high face. Elevation 14,255 feet.


Tabeguache Peak Patch

This peak is named for a Ute Indian tribe that used to roam its base. Shavano is separated from Tabeguache Peak by a 1 1/4-mile long ridge, and they are often climbed together. Elevation 14,155 feet.


Snowmass Mountain Patch

Visible from afar, the big east snowfields are the namesakes of this Elk Range peak. Indians called this mountain "The Cold Woman""and believed it was the source of local weather. Elevation 14,092 feet.


Mount Lincoln Patch

Years ago, the slopes of Mount Lincoln rang with picks from miners scraping for gold and silver; now mountaineers swing their picks on Lincoln Falls above Montgomery Reservoir. Elevation 14,286 feet.


Mount Harvard Patch

A Collegiate Range peak, Harvard is the 3rd highest in Colorado. It lies high in the Horn Fork Basin above Bear Lake and was named by surveyor and Professor Josiah Whitney. Elevation 14,420 feet.


Mount Columbia Patch

Beaver ponds on Frenchman Creek are in the valley below the north slope of Mount Columbia. Columbia is one of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range of Colorado. Elevation 14,073 feet.


Mount Belford Patch

Mt. Belford was named for Judge James D. Belford, 'the red-headed rooster of the Rockies.' He was a politician known for his red hair, quick wit, and flamboyant manner. Elevation 14,197 feet.


Maroon Peak Patch

The view from Maroon Lake is a classic image of Maroon and North Maroon Peak. Maroon Peak is the higher of the two peaks, known collectively as the 'Maroon Bells.' Maroon Peak - Elevation 14,156 feet.


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This logo was inspired by the Trailhead logo a few years back. Definitely offers the vintage flair.


Wilson Peak Pin

This peak high in the San Juan's above the old mining structures in the Silver Pick Basin was named for AD Wilson, a chief cartographer with the Hayden survey. Elevation 14,017 feet.


Mount Antero Pin

Named for Chief Antero of the Ute Indian tribe this peak is noted its abundance gems and minerals. Aquamarine rock crystals, smoky quartz are found on slopes. Elevation 14,269 feet.


Mount Wilson Pin

Deep in the San Miguel Mountains, this peak is known for its hard connecting ridge with El Diente and for fine spring ski mountaineering. It was named for surveyor A.D. Wilson. Elevation 14,246 feet

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