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About The Trailhead

We're a locally owned and operated outdoor gear, equipment, clothing, and accessories retailer in Buena Vista, Colorado since 1972.  AND NOW…. We have opened our second location in the heart of downtown Winter Park!  

Our purpose is to help create opportunities for people to get out and play in some pretty amazing parts of the Colorado Rockies.  We love what we do and are excited to connect with you. Let us know what you like to do or how we can help provide some fun activities or adventures while you’re here in BV or Winter Park!

So swing by and say hello.  In Denver or around the Winter Park area?? We’d love to show you around the new shop.  Whether we see you in BV or Winter Park- we can’t wait to say hi, help you find some fun things to do, or get you set up with some new gear. 


In The meantime, here's a little about us:

(Chances are, one of these people will ring you up for your dehydrated noodles)


Dave Blazer



  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Rock climbing, sleeping, and traveling. 
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Rock Climbing near the Midland Tunnels. 
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: Sugar. 
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Traveling to Bhutan. 

Ashley Blazer


  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Climbing, biking, guitar playing, and adventuring outside with my family.
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Biking with friends on the Midland Trail.
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: Sunshine and a good book! 
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Multi-day horse packing trip (summer) and cross country ski trip (winter) in the mountains with my favorite people.

John Williams

VP Operations


  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Biking, skiing, nerding out about insulation jackets, watching football, reading business books, and spending time in the backcountry, whether that's on a bike, on the river, or in the snow. 
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Hiking to the top of Midland Hill to see the awesome views of the Mountains and Arkansas Valley; backpacking through the San Isabel National Forest; and long bike rides to explore new areas around BV. 
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: Sunglasses.
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Completing a bike tour and a through hike (unsure where yet!).  

Jon Ten Brink 

Store Manager - BV


  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Multi-day raft trips, Skiing, backpacking, basketball, and some nerdy board games. 
  • Favorite Local Adventure:
    Rafting Browns Canyon and picking a spot on the map and exploring it. Also, the Jailhouse
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: Morning Coffee and Snow Peas (don't bash it till you try it!)
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: The JMT and the Middle Fork of the Salmon.


Adam Nicholson

Store Manager - WP

Adam - WP

  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: I love preparing and training for the next big mission with my friends and family
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Hut trips with friends
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or on water: Food. Shelter. Water
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Motorcycle trip to Denali then climb

Brad Bosard

Sales Associate & Most Tenured Employee at The Trailhead 

  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Moto touring throughout North America (Alaska into Mexico) on my BMW 800 GS, fat biking, mountain biking, road biking, bike packing, trail running, back country skiing, cross country skiing,  challenging my hang board, reading, cooking, baking, watching season 6 of Game of Thrones, visiting the New Mexico hot springs, trail building, and eating pie!
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Backpacking or trail running in the Fourmile area.
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Visit to Alaska on GS 800 to ride to Invec, Canada (way above Canadain Artic Circle, moto to Cobo San Lucas, Mexico - Baja) and riding my mountain bike to Antalope Wells (Mexican Border on Divide route), New Mexico.

LJ Mendoza

Sales Associate 

  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: I like just hanging with my people and seeing cool things. but also coffee shops, casual sports, learning something I don’t know, cooking, exploring, traveling, photography, snowboarding kind of, razor scooters 
  • Favorite Local Adventure: frisbee golf at Crooked Creek Ranch
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: an Opinel knife and Rumpl blanket
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Surfing in Hawaii, or anywhere really. 

Andrew McFarland

Assistant Manager - WP 

  • Favorite Hobbies/Activities: Climbing, Biking, Backpacking, and climbing photoshoots for every climbing magazine out there (he's kind of a big deal)
  • Favorite Local Adventure: Climbing at "Almost a Tunnel" and Mountain Biking the "Fistful of Dollars" trail. 
  • One thing you can’t live without in woods or water: Instant coffee & tea! 
  • Favorite adventure you haven’t taken yet: Climbing Moonlight Buttress in Zion. 

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